Federal Police Commission to be accountable to Premier

A draft bill for the amendment of establishment of federal executive bodies has been tabled for the House of Peoples Representatives (HPR) on Tuesday.

The draft bill liberates the accountability of both the Federal Police Commission and Federal Prison Commission from the Ministry of Federal Affairs and Pastoral Areas Development.

According to the draft bill, the Federal Police Commission will be accountable for the Prime Minister until decision is made.

The draft bill also allows the establishment of a Federal Attorney General as one entity at a federal level.

According to the draft bill, the powers and duties previously given for the Ministry of Justice under article 16 will shift to the new body.

It was indicated in the draft bill that the Federal Prison Commission will be accountable to the Federal Attorney General.

Previously, both commissions were accountable to the Ministry of Federal Affairs and Pastoral Areas Development.

The House of Peoples Representatives in today’s session also looked into four related draft bills, including the draft bill prepared for the amendment of the establishment of federal executive bodies.

The House referred the draft bills to the Legal and Administration Affairs Committee forFederal-Police-Commission-to-be-accountable-to-Premier

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