World’s Most Bizarre Ships Ever Made

Some people let there imagination run wild when it comes to design, here are some of the worlds most bizarre boats people have ever created.
number 5
Lets drive to Austrailia!
Remember as a kid when you tried to think “how can i drive around the world?” but realized you were stumped by the barrier of oceans… well not anymore. Thanks to the Gibbs Aquada you can drive safely to any oceanic locale of your choosing. This limited edition concept car is an amphibious vehicle that can split the water at speeds up to 99 mph but also cruise onto land at the flip of a button… all with about a 12 second conversion time. It also has the prestigious honor of owning a world record, as virgin group owner Richard Branson crossed the English channel in a gibbs.. beating speed records that had been in place since the 1960s. As doc brown in back to the future 2 would say… “roads? Where we’re going we don’t need roads!”

number 4

lets go to the beach…. On our boat!
Sailors rejoice… because now you never have to worry about finding land again. You can just take it wherever you sail on the 7 seas. Introducing the WHY… created by yacht maker Wally, this super deluxe sailing sensation is 125 feet wide and features not only an onboard 80+ foot salt water pool… but its very own beach that spans over 100 feet wide! With an enormous 34,000 square feet of space, the nautical giant is meant to host up to 12 guests and sails as a solar powered island with nine thousand seven hundred feet of sun soaking solar panels on the roof. .. the ship was recently revealed at the abu dhabi yacht show with a very modest price tag of 160 million dollars…. Why not buy two?!

number 3
Musical notes that float your boat!
There have been tons of unique and interesting music videos…and with the advent of better technologies and each artist seemingly trying to outdo each other.. but Singer Songwriter Josh pyke proves sometimes you just need to set sail to make a great impression and that’s exactly what he did on the SS Maton. This boat fashioned as an acoustic guitar big enough to be played by Goliath, was commissioned by the Maton guitar company and used in one of Joshes music videos. Passionate about all things maritime himself, Josh eventually auctioned the boat off for charity on popular auction site after the videos production had ended. .. it fetched a grand prize of just over 7 thousand austrailian dollars with the proceeds being donated to the Indigenous Literacy Project


number 2
Potatoes really do float!
Couch potatoes that is… and now they can do so sitting in comfort and style with the sofa boat! This marvel of armchair quarterback meets scuba was unveiled at, you guessed it, the Abu Dhabi Yacht Show and features a relaxing aquatic adventure that’s electric powered and comes with a canopy for sun protection. Charged by electric socket, the fanciful floating sofa can sail up to 12 hours and comes with such customizable features as luxurious leather seats, refreshment tables, a full blown stereo system and a two-sofa configuration sure to add a little extra to the price tag of just over 16 thousand dollars. .. look out lazy boy!

number 1
Zip zip zippin along!
Topping our list of the most bizarre water crafts, we turn to the Japanese and their inventive ways of making things unique… and that’s where we find the big zipper boat. This boat is exactly as it sounds… a giant floating zipper tab, which leaves a wake behind it that creates the illusion of a zipper being undone. Since its unveiling, its been going through aquatic trials to become certified to carry passengers… with plans of being a transport between two ports in japan. Lets just hope that the passengers on this ship don’t get caught with their zipper… down.

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