TIENS ETHIOPIA additional 11 suspects were arrested in the latest sales method have been applied

Ministry-begins-closing-TIENS-Ethiopia’s-shopsTIENS ETHIOPIA shops attract Pyramid was asked to spend more time at the latest 12 days investigating 11 suspects arrested have applied the method of sale.

Business Competition and Consumer Authority has already given investigators an additional 14-day diagnostic tasks performed by the Federal High Court canceled the next 12 crimes Offered diagnostic tasks.
Collaborators have been reported to the police presence at the searching and other container out of order on the defendants shops.

The investigation started after Addis Ababa and Oromia, Amhara and Southern regions, since a number of individuals who are suspected to have been injured since 1999 EC requested the Authority and taking over the investigation, citing a properly completed 12 days for further investigation action from time to buy is when.

Through his lawyer asked for the hearing to preserve the rights of the suspects bail homomafia possible to complete the investigation within the given time already.

Chilotumi gave an appointment for tomorrow afternoon tekewech’i to reach a verdict after examining the matter.Untitled

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