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QUEBEC, CANADA — A video showing two inmates escaping a Quebec prison by helicopter in 2013 has been released earlier this week.

The video was filmed by prison guards, when two inmates, Benjamin Hudon-Barbeau and Danny Provencal, escaped from Saint-Jérôme detention centre near Montreal.

In the video, the two inmates seem to be having troubles climbing onto the roof. The chopper then lifts off with the two escapees dangling from the rope and eventually carries them outside the prison.

Hudon-Barbeau and Provencal co-ordinated their escape with two accomplices via text messages on smuggled cellphones in the prison.

The accomplices hijacked a helicopter and forced its pilot to land on the roof of the prison at gunpoint.
The four suspects then forced the pilot to land in a parking lot roughly 40 km from the prison before boarding a getaway car.

Hours later, the four were arrested in the town of Chertsey. The pilot was found unharmed.

In response to why the prison guards had failed to stop the inmates from escaping, the union that represents the prison guards says they did not have guns to confront the armed accomplices, therefore they had no option but to watch the inmates leaving.


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