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Saladin Said’sUntitledEthiopia, the Algerian interior typewriter Saeed games āyišelefimi

Ethiopia has reported making a typewriter Saeed Algerian coach John Sahle call a game with actions that proved to be outside playing bideregiletimi national team.

Following the election, and the injury is due to bemezelelu national team has been far from a typewriter Saeed Ethiopia inidemeyech’eweti bideregiletimi actions that were done outside of the games, the trainer call with the Algerian group.

Le’āšelit’enyi not spend enough years, on the current competitive games and physically and mentally able to play in the qualifying level of readiness that he believed the Algerian national team in the game with the national team has known John Sahle.

League top goal lead āgibinetini Tafesse Tesfaye injury ke’ālijēriyewi game outside vindicated, Defense Mulalem t’ilehunimi injury could have mixed experiences working with this group.

As a result, a typewriter out of the team since coach John Saeed Sahle communicating on the lines of the 2005 contest Jersey bededebiti common goals on just 43-of-network Assumptions and David Safeguard Kebede forced to cast their beliefs.

Surprising in Algeria Friday, March 16 will move to the city and bilide on Tuesday, March 20, 2008, a series of k’eberowochu soup in Addis Ababa.

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