Woman smuggles cocaine in breast implants: Colombian woman busted in Frankfurt airport – TomoNews

FRANKFURT, GERMANY — A 24-year-old Colombian woman was busted in Frankfurt airport after she was found to be smuggling 1 kilograms (2.2 pounds) of cocaine inside her breasts, German customs officials said on Wednesday.

Airport officials became suspicious during a search on Feb. 24 after they discovered fresh surgery scars under the woman’s breasts. The woman was also complaining about severe pain.

The woman admitted to carrying narcotics, which apparently had been inserted into her breasts during a quick operation.

She was taken to a local hospital where doctors took out two 500-gram lumps of coke wrapped in plastic from each of her breasts.

According to a customs spokesman, the cocaine had a market value of 200,000 euros ($220,000) and was destined for Spain.

“This is the first case in Germany in which drugs have been smuggled in this fashion,” said spokesman Hans-Juergen Schmidt.

The woman, who said she has three children in Colombia where she worked in agriculture, will be charged with drug trafficking and faces time behind bars.


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