Hilarious Moment Cheating Man Escapes Being Caught via Balcony

Hilarious moment man doesn’t realise the stranger in red underwear he’s filming is escaping from HIS own flat
The funny video was captured on March 4 in Wuhan city, central China
Mr Liu and Mr Zhao rent the apartment and were out walking at the time
They filmed the man escaping unaware that he actually exited their flat.
A funny video has emerged from China of the moment a man escapes a flat in his underwear as passersby film, him unaware that he is actually escaping their own flat.

Mr Liu and Mr Zhao went for a walk outside when they captured the man wearing red pants climbing from the second floor apartment, reports the People’s Daily Online.

The unidentified man was filmed making a quick getaway on March 4 in Wuhan city, Hubei Province. It is unclear why he was running away so quickly and how he got into their flat.In the video the man runs out of the balcony doors with just his red underwear and boots on as Mr Liu and Mr Zhao stand silently and film him.

The man could be seen pulling out a rope from his bag before throwing everything over the side.

He is unaware that he is being captured on camera as he climbs over the balcony and onto the metal security cover before jumping onto the floor in front of Mr Liu and Mr Zhao.

Without saying anything, the man grabs his clothes and makes a run for it.Mr Liu and Mr Zhao are reportedly sharing the apartment and had gone outside for a walk when it happened.

They claim that they left the door unlocked though they were unsure where the man came from.

The man remains unidentified and has not taken anything from their flat so the pair decided not to call the police.

Mr Liu said he was probably running away from a woman’s husband or some other bizarre reason, and their apartment was the only one open at the time for him to escape.

Since the video was published online there’s mixed feelings from web users as to whether or not it is real.

Comments on LiveLeak.com have suggested it is fake, but it is unclear if this is true or not.

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