The United States has informed Turkey it does not want a nuclear war with Russia over Syria, American political analyst E. Michael Jones says.

Jones, the editor of Culture Wars magazine, made the remarks in a brief phone interview with Press TV while commenting on US Vice President Joe Biden’s upcoming visit to Israel.

According to Biden’s office, the vice president will meet with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in Tel Aviv next week during his two-day visit and discuss a new military deal.

“Right now there is a crisis in the war on Syria. The United States has informed Turkey that they will not allow them to get them into this big war with the Russians – World War III,” Jones said.

“In order to counterbalance Turkey, they need the support of Israel, because Israel is basically Turkey’s ally. So I suspect that’s what’s going on,” he added.

“He is going to Israel now to get the Israelis to help rein in the Turks so that they don’t provoke Russia into some kind of a nuclear war over Syria,” he concluded.

Since March 2011, the United States and its regional allies, in particular Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey, and Israel, have been conducting a proxy war against Syria. The years-long conflict has left somewhere between 270,000 to 470,000 Syrians dead and half of the country’s population displaced.

In September 2014, the US and some of its allies started conducting airstrikes inside Syria against Daesh terrorists, many of whom were initially trained by the CIA to fight against the Syrian government. However, observers say the attacks did little damage to the terrorists; rather, they targeted the country’s infrastructure.

In September of last year, Russia launched its own air offensive against the terrorists who were still wreaking havoc in Syria. The Russian campaign, analysts say, has broken the backbone of ISIL and other militants, and has provided the government of President Bashar al-Assad an opportunity to defeat the foreign-sponsored terrorist onslaught.

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