Kenyan entrepreneur boosts local TV content with strong female characters

Without training and no experience, Kenyan entrepreneur Dorothy Ghettuba started her own television production company. Within a short span, she has become a force to reckon with and has carved a niche for herself as far as lifting the perception of women on the silver screen. Seven years ago Dorothy Ghettuba left a well paying job with a venture capitalist firm in Canada, to make a life back home in Kenya… telling African stories.

She is the CEO of Spielworks Media, a company that produces movies, drama series and talk shows for an audience spread across Africa.

When she decided to start a production company of her own, she didn’t have the skills but she says she had the passion.

Kenya is on a mission to boost domestic production. Kenyan TV stations are currently required to show at least 40 percent local content.

Spielworks Media is among a handful of companies providing that content with shows like this one – “Sumu la Penzi,” Swahili for “love’s poison”.

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