Ethiopia: Home

Ethiopia: Home
It is not possible to miss this moveable galvanise structure on the sidewalk around Piassa. It is the home of a woman and her baby that may be contrasted with some of the mansions found in other parts of the city. In Addis Abeba, where housing is scarce, many people find themselves on the streets, some with no shelter whatsoever.

This gives rise to housing activity that may be neither legal nor aesthetically pleasing; but shelter is a basic human need and necessity is the mother of invention. The wide sidewalk seems able to accommodate both the home and the pedestrians for whom it was intended. In the advent that the structure has to be moved, the biggest challenge may be finding a new location.

Hopefully, with the additional condos being built to provide low-income housing in the city, there can also be provision of housing for those who have no income and are destitute.Untitled

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