Ethiopian Orthodox Church will today celebrate ‘Demera’

f744f69eFollowers of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church will today celebrate ‘Demera’, the tradition of burning bonfires on the eve of the anniversary of Meskel (finding of the true cross).

The festival will be celebrated in the presences of Ethiopian Orthodox Church followers, clerics and tourists, including Patriarch of Egypt Pope Tawadros II and Patriarch of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church Abune Mathias I, at Meskel Square.

Invited guests, including Abune Mathias I, are expected to convey messages in connection with the festival.

In a related development, the Addis Ababa City Administration Fire and Emergency Prevention and Control Authority called on the public to take the necessary precautions during the bonfire lighting ceremony.

The authority also urged the public to call 939 for free or 011 156 02 49/ 011 156 02 50 for emergency.

Meskel is celebrated in Ethiopia to commemorate Queen Eleni of Ethiopia who was able to locate the true cross in Jerusalem.

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