Experts warn of Facebook ‘dislike’ button scam

Facebook-page-jpgExperts are warning social media users to watch out for scams involving a Facebook “dislike” button, CBS and ABC News reported. CEO Mark Zuckerberg said earlier this month that the social media behemoth planned to create a new button to say something other than “like.” He has said it wouldn’t say “dislike,” but people are still calling it that.

The networks reported that scammers are picking up on this anticipation and using it for a phishing scam on Facebook.

From the people’s newsfeeds, the scam takes it away from the site and tells users to share the page and send it to groups to activate the button.

The website Naked Security said the links led to scam sites, “neither of which had anything to do with Facebook.”

Those behind the fake sites want your information to sell it or to infest your computer with a virus, ABC reported.

Internet security expert Mitch Neff told ABC that if you have clicked on one of these links, you should immediately log out of Facebook on your computer or other devices, then log back in and change your password.

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