Life Expectancy Increased in Ethiopia

1a2ead4fThanks to declines in deaths caused by HIV, malaria, infectious diseases, and nutrition deficiencies as well as the decline in child mortality rate Ethiopian’s life expectancy rose to 60 on average from 45 in 1990.

According to the a new research of 188 countries done by a consortium of researchers led by the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation at the University of Washington that is published on The Lancet In Ethiopia, where child mortality rates have been falling, life expectancy for men rose by almost 16 years to 61.4 in 2013 from 45.5 in 1990. For women it rose by 10 years. The research also said life expectancy in Sub Sahara and globally as well has shown a lot of improvements. We have more from the report.

source :- quartz Africa

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