Obama to call for greater democracy in Kenya

obama-kenya-visitUS President Barack Obama has revealed that he will use his visit to Kenya next week to push for greater democracy and campaign against corruption.

The American president is also expected to show his support in the fight against rising extremism in the region.

“(We can) build on the progress that’s been made around issues of health and education; focus on counter-terrorism issues that are important in East Africa because of Al-Shabaab and some of the tragedies that have happened inside of Kenya,” said Obama.

The US leader also promised to use the platform to push for greater democracy and graft in Kenya, which he said was slowing the country’s potential.

“We will hopefully continue to encourage democracy and the reduction of corruption inside that country that sometimes has held back this incredibly gifted and blessed country. My hope is that we can deliver a message that the US is a strong partner not just for Kenya, but for Sub-Saharan Africa generally,” he said

President Obama last traveled to Kenya in 2006 as a US senator and said he would have preferred to visit the country as a private citizen.

“It’s obviously something I’m looking forward to. I’ll be honest with you, visiting Kenya as a private citizen is probably more meaningful to me than visiting as President because I can actually get outside of a hotel room or a conference centre. And just the logistics of visiting a place are always tough as President, but it’s obviously symbolically important,” said Obama.

More than 3,000 business leaders, entrepreneurs and investors are expected to attend the event, the first in Sub Saharan Africa.

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