Kenya to reconsider sex education in schools – Ruto

kenya-SchoolTVC NEWS [NAIROBI] – Kenya’s deputy President William Ruto has said the government will reconsider the proposed introduction of sex education in learning institutions.

Ruto said the government will not allow anything that goes against traditions, culture and religion be introduced in the education curriculum.

The DP was responding to the head of Catholic Church in Kenya John Cardinal Njue who said that the church was worried that introduction of
sex education will “destroy” children.

“The church is concerned that some of the things that are being introduced in schools will do harm. There are other better ways to education on the same (sex issues) without going that way.

“We have an obligation because the way we bring up our children will determine the way they will be in future,” Cardinal Njue said during a
ceremony to mark Muhoho Boys High School 50 years anniversary in Gatundu, Kiambu on Friday

Nominated Senator Judith Sijeny sponsored Reproductive Health Care Bill of 2014 which proposes to have school children be supplied with condoms and other contraceptives as a way to curb sexually transmitted infections and pregnancies among the teenagers.

Meanwhile, the church is against the Bill, and has termed it as immoral.

Deputy president Ruto in his speech promised that the government will ensure concerns by the church leaders are addressed.

“We will consider the issue and I promise that we will ensure education in our institutions is carried out in a manner which respects and which
is in context to our culture and religion because that is the way it should be,’ Mr Ruto said.

The DP also said the government will continue collaborating with churches in matters health and education, saying churches play a major
role in the two sectors.

“We value the support we get from the church and we will work hand in hand so that we can move this country forward. We have some issues here and there but we will work to change them,” Mr Ruto said.

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