International Appeal From Scientists From All Over The World – Cell Phones Are Killing Us Prematurely

International-Appeal-From-Scientists-From-All-Over-The-World-Cell-Phones-Are-Killing-Us-PrematurelyBiologists and medical experts from around the world have appealed to the United Nations, the World Health Organization and national governments to develop strict rules on devices and mobile phones, claiming that they create harmful electromagnetic fields.

Scientists from 39 countries have drawn up 2,000 documents on health and biological effects of non-ionizing radiation, an integral part of the spectrum of electromagnetic fields. Around 190 scientists signed the international appeal addressed to the UN Environmental Program.

In a letter addressed to the competent institutions, they state that devices such as mobile phones increase the risk of cancer, genetic damage, and changes in the reproductive system, as well as reduction in the ability of learning and memory.

“Cell phones are destroying living cells in our body and are prematurely killing many of us,” says Dr. Martin Blank from the Department of Physiology and Cellular Biophysics, Columbia University.

“We have created something that is damaging and getting out of control. Before Edison invented the light bulb, our environment had very little electromagnetic radiation. Today’s levels are much higher than what’s natural and is growing rapidly because of all the new devices that emit radiation, “-he said.

Due to the widespread use of mobile phones, the number of cases of brain cancer in young people has increased by more than three times. Scientists suggest that the uncontrolled use of radio-frequency radiation in mobile phones and wireless Internet access leads to a crisis of public health. Blank points out that the commissions that establish standards of safety are deaf to the warnings of biologists and scientists and ignore the biological facts.

“We are a part of a major biological experiment without our consent. To protect ourselves, our children and the ecological system, we need to reduce radiation exposure by introducing additional protective regulations, “- he says.

Scientists have urged the UN Environment Program (UNEP) to “appoint and fund an independent multi-disciplinary commission to investigate the reasons ‘for’ and ‘against’ alternative current practice that could significantly reduce human exposure to radio frequency radiation and radiation of extremely low frequency”.

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