New Report: 910 million mobile subscriptions in Africa

0a0b70a8(Addis Ababa, Ethiopia) – With smartphone penetration ramping up across Africa, the continent’s businesses have an opportunity to use mobile technology to become more efficient, productive, and responsive in the way they do business.

According to the Ericsson Mobility Report for 2015, there were more than 910 million mobile subscriptions in Africa by the first quarter of 2015. It said a growing number of these mobile users are now walking around with powerful smart devices that give them access to apps and information wherever they are.

“And that, in turn, creates new ways for organizations to interact with employees, suppliers, and other stakeholders,” the report said. “We’re seeing many organizations mobilize their enterprise resource planning software. Workers and managers are increasingly able to access data on the road to serve customers, speed up decision-making, and save time.”

Sage Pastel’s Accounting General Manager, Daryl Blundell, notes that mobility is transforming smaller businesses. “An accounting solution with a good mobile app is a real boon for SMEs,” he says. “Employees with mobile devices can be productive many more hours a week because they can work from anywhere in the world and can maximize what might otherwise have been wasted time waiting in airports and reception rooms.”

He adds: “Sales people can take their tablets into meetings and give PowerPoint presentations, while MDs can quickly see the status of business KPIs on a real-time dashboard. And enterprise mobility can allow employees access to information on the fly, such as financial reports, stock orders, customer data and inventory lists.

Mobile technology is also helping HR departments to become more efficient and to build better relationships with employees. Gerhard Hartman, Head of Sage HR & Payroll’s International Division, says that companies can now offer employee self-service (ESS) across mobile devices to streamline HR processes and engage employees more effectively.

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