Report: Ethiopia has missed all of the global education goals

Report: Ethiopia has missed all of the global education goals
By Elias Meseret, DireTube Correspondent

– A new report has indicated that Ethiopia has not reached any of the global education goals though the county still has more than halved the number of children who’ve never been to school leaving it close to achieving Universal Primary Education- a goal that only seven countries in the region have met.

The 2015 Education for All (EFA) Global Monitoring Report entitled “Education for All 2000-2015: Achievements and Challenges”, which has tracked progress on the goals for the past 15 years, reveals that Ethiopia is extremely far from achieving progress towards universal pre-primary and lower secondary education.

Only 5% were enrolled in pre-primary in 2011. It has reduced its adult illiteracy rate by 21%, far from the 50% target, and remains far from achieving gender parity.

“Ethiopia’s work on reducing child marriages by 20% and abolishing school fees have been key to increasing the number of girls getting an education. However, there remain around 640,000 out of school children in the country, and the percentage of children reaching the last grade in primary school has fallen significantly from 61% to 37%,” the report said.

Globally, just one third of countries have achieved all of the measurable EFA goals set in 2000. Only half of all countries have achieved the most watched goal of universal primary enrolment.

“An extra $22 billion a year is needed on top of already ambitious government contributions in order to ensure we achieve the new education targets now being set for the year 2030,” the report has recommended.

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