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Liya Kebede (Amharic: ሊያ ከበደ?; born March 1, 1978)[1] is an Ethiopian born model, maternal health advocate, clothing designer and actress who has appeared three times on the cover of US Vogue. According to Forbes, Kebede was the eleventh-highest-paid top model in the world in 2007.[2] Since 2005, Kebede has served as the WHO’s Ambassador for Maternal, Newborn and Child Health



Gelila Bekele

After coming to the U.S. to attend the Northfield Mount Hermon School, Bekele signed with Ford Models in 2007, and has appeared on several ad campaigns for Levi’s, Pantene, L’oreal, and Colgate, and has appeared in Essence, Marie Claire, Allure, Lucky and various fashion magazines. She is also featured in many other print ads, and has appeared in several runway shows. She is now represented by Women/360 Model Management.



anna geteneh

Anna Getaneh is a former acclaimed international model, a humanitarian and social entrepreneur. She is also the founder and Creative Director of African Mosaique, a clothing design, manufacturing and retail company in Johannesburg, South Africa. She serves as a Member of Advisory Board of, LLC. African Mosaique was inspired by the relatively weak presence of direct African participation in leading fashion platforms internationally. It began in New York as


Anna Getaneh, A Top Model From Ethiopia In Kenya In September, 1992.



Lydia Asghedom

Lydia Asghedom is an Eritrean-Ethiopian fashion model currently residing and working in Germany. The following is Lydia in her own words:







instantly developed a crush on ChefMarcus Samuelsson after I met him a few months ago. (Um, have you heard his lisp?!) And now I’ve fallen hard for his other half, Ethiopian-born model Gate Maya Haile, who is as beautiful as he is handsome. While both Marcus and Gate excel in their chosen careers, I’d like them to get started on a rewarding side gig — parenting. Can you imagine how adorable their children will be? Find out more about Gate in UPTOWN magazine’s exclusive Q&A.





merge tereke




Tahounia Rubel

Tahounia Rubel (Hebrew: טהוניה רובל‎, often written as Tahuonia or Tahunia) (born February 20, 1988) is an Israeli fashion model and television personality. She became widely known as the first Ethiopian-born person to win the fifth series of HaAh HaGadol (the Israeli version of Big Brother),[2] and the first Ethiopian-born Jew to win a beauty pageant in Israel.





Hayat Ahmed


Hayat Ahmed Mohammed (born 1982) is the 2003 Miss World contender from Ethiopia. Her name in Arabic means “life.” Hayat Ahmed was Ethiopia’s first representative to any Miss World pageant. At the time of the competition, she was a third-year student at the Unity University College pursuing a course in Information Management Systems.

In the 2003 Miss World pageant with 100 contestants, Hayat made the semi-finals and the title “Continental Queen of Beauty – Africa.” The pageant took place in China and was seen by 1 billion people.

Hayat currently focuses her time on promoting condoms and bringing HIV/AIDS awareness to other parts of the country. This has sparked outrage and claims of hypocrisy as she is a Muslim woman promoting Safe Sex in Ethiopia, a very culturally conservative country, by using very western-style seductive advertisements for condoms on billboards




Sara Nuru

Sara Nuru was born as the third daughter of Ethiopian immigrants, who left their home in 1986 and settled down in Erding, in southernGermany. In 1997, she gained a Teilnehmerurkunde at the Bundesjugendspiele. The family lived in the city until 1999, when it moved toMunich.

Nuru is fluent in German, English and Arabic. She also speaks a little bit of Amharic.


Sara Nuru - Life Ball 2013


Zeudi Araya


Araya became Miss Eritrea in 1969. On a journey to Italy in 1972, she recorded a commercial for coffee, and was discovered by the director Luigi Scattini, who cast her with Beba Lončar in La ragazza dalla pelle di luna shot in the Seychelles. In 1973, songs composed by Piero Umiliani she sang in the score of another Scattini film where she played the lead role (La ragazza fuoristrada) were released on a 45 rpm record. From 1973 to 1975, several roles in erotic-themed movies followed, most of them directed by Scattini. In 1976, she appeared with Paolo Villaggio in the Fantozzi-style comedy Il signor Robinson by Sergio Corbucci. She also appeared in the Italian version of Playboy magazine in February 1977.

Her last prominent appearance was in the epic Hearts and Armour, released in 1983. Araya subsequently withdrew from acting, and has since then been producing movies.



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